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HealApp's comprehensive health care services are designed to serve the elders assessing their health status and set care schedule as per their health requirements. The clinical assessment and support extended by medical team backed by HealApp's technology platform to upload & manage health records, form a perfect synchronization for elder's health care schedule and expose that via HealApp mobile application to their children staying away from home.

The packages are designed keeping in mind the people who are unable to be beside their parents when they actually need them i.e. during medical exigencies. Healapp intends to change all of that. Even staying away from their parents, one can now get professional Medical help, on whom they can rely and extract minute to minute information about the health of their parents and near and dear one's through Healapp mobile application. Identifying the need, Healapp will provide health care services such as health monitoring and updation of Health status through paramedics & clinical managers, carry out diagnostic tests as part of preventive health care, facilitate visits to doctors, facilitate end to end support in case of hospitalization, support in procurement of medicines, nutritional services, community meets and many more.

  • Periodic visits by clinical manager, paramedics to check health status & upload records to mobile application for you to check.
  • Periodic lab tests (Blood, Stool, ECG etc.) as inhome services.
  • Periodic visits to Doctor accompanied to & fro by healapp coordinator.
  • Full Health check-up at premier hospitals at Kolkata.
  • Help on hospitalization based on medical records of patient and location, infrastructure, Doctor panel, budget, Insurance coverage etc of the hospital.
  • Arrangement of Nurse & care giver at home.
  • Arrangement of Ambulance & transportation.
  • Procure & deliver medicines.
  • Periodic calls from HealApp health care support team & updation of status in the Mobile App.
  • Processing of Health Insurance papers & help in purchase & renewal of policies.

HealApp is a resource rich application. It will allow user to learn on Diseases to First aids, nutritional quotient to alternative medicine to educate the user on health care aspects. The application would help user to understand nutrients needed by the body for growth, development & help find out the correct clinical substances in foods that nourishes a human body. HealApp demonstrates Yoga and its usage types, calculates calorie intakes and guides on proper intake of food in relation to body's dietary needs, record allergic reactions to stop misdiagnosed medications. With the medical records stored at the organizer, HealApp executes risk assessment on user's health profile and notify user with healthcare tips.

This feature at HealApp user application helps user on emergency with information on Ambulances, Blood bank, finding nearest hospital from user's location & guide with clinical solution on first aids. User can call HealApp customer support from the application itself and get help on emergency situations.