heaLAPP Services

Traveling to an alien country for treatment is a difficult decision for any patient. Lack of local knowledge, language problem, and cultural, social and economic differences can lead to a plethora of problems in a foreign land for patients and their relatives.

Keeping this mind, we, at Healapp, make our patients feel at home, while they are away from home.

Firstly, we make sure that the patients and their relatives feel safe and comfortable in India. Secondly, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that our patients get the best treatment possible within their respective budgets.

Based on patients' treatment requirements and budgets, we suggest them the best hospitals and doctors, and help them throughout the process so that they can recover speedily and return happily to their homeland.


  • Send patient's clinical reports to different doctors and hospitals
  • Seek the evaluations of those doctors
  • Share the same information with the patient and help him decide the best doctor and hospital for his specific treatment based on his budget.
  • Help the patient understand the process and paperwork for Medical Visa and Treatment as per the laws of both the countries (home country and India)
  • Help the patient arrange for Medical Visa
  • Let the patient know the approximate number of days of stay required inside and outside the hospital
  • Discuss with the patient any possibility of touring some exotic tourist destinations in India and that too much prior to his departure so that he can plan his trip accordingly
  • Help the patient plan his itinerary based on his convenience and availability of the doctor.
  • Help the patient decide the kind of accommodation he would require during his stay in India.
  • Fix the OPD consultation with the Doctor.


  • Emergency ambulance (ground and air)
  • Interpreter services
  • Wheel chair assistance


  • Post-operative visits to the hospital
  • Consultation with specialists
  • Departure from the treatment location
  • Follow-up through remote medical consultation


  • Keep in touch with the patients on a regular basis through emails
  • During the process of follow up, arrange a call between the patient and the treating doctor in India
  • If need arises, arrange a call among Referral Doctor, Patient and the Treating doctor in India
  • Arrange Follow up camps in various countries through different hospitals and inform all our patients through email about it, so that they can also come and get themselves checked