About Healapp

HEALAPP Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a Hyderabad Headquartered company, been founded by very experienced team of people having experience of almost 100 Man years in fields of Healthcare, Pharma, IT & Finance is a comprehensive health care solution provider. HealApp’s main objective is to provide complete delivery of healthcare services by getting Health care providers such as Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, pharmacies, ambulances, nurses etc on HealApp platform and offer health care services to its patients. HealApp positions itself as a virtual clinic to bring in changes on the methods of storing health records, educate and aware a patient on health status and make medical services available at fingertips.

Vision : HealApp's vision is to Leverage technology to ensure real-time connectivity between all segments of the healthcare eco-system and facilitate optimum delivery of health care services to the mass.

Mission : Facilitate patients with information related to treatment and connect them to health care providers with analytical knowledge. HealApp's technology platform digitizes & records health care service delivery on the fly, keeping patient at the focal point to ensure transparent health care delivery for seamless communication between providers & patients.